Anti-Virus Software

Hampton University’s anti-virus solution is Symantec Corporate and EndPoint Anti-virus which is provided by the University at NO CHARGE. All computer systems used on the Hampton University Network are REQUIRED to have Anti-virus software. Having antivirus protection will reduce the chances of your computer being infected by a virus or other spreading schemes. If this requirement is not met, your computer will be denied access to the network. All residential students will need to have Anti-virus before registering his or her computer on the Residential Network.

Students can make an appointment at the student helpdesk located on the 5th floor of the Harvey Library to have this service provided. Appointments can be made between Mondays -Friday between the hours of 8:30 am until 4:45pm. A work-order will be provided to the student detailing when their service will be completed. If no work order is issued this request has not been made.