Usage of Mobile Communication Devices

Hampton University recognizes the quantum advances in technology have affected the daily lives of its faculty, staff, students and constituent groups. The development of personal communication media is both a phenomenon and a reality. This amended policy reflects those advances, while maintaining the decorum and dignity of the academic culture at the University.

Policy Statement:
The use of mobile communication devices by students is not to interfere with, alter, or otherwise disturb the learning environment. Unless otherwise specified by an instructor, mobile device usage is prohibited in classrooms. Mobile device usage is also restricted, unless otherwise specified, in University offices, lecture halls, conferences, meetings, libraries, the University Museum, public forums, or entertainment programs (including concerts or shows). This means that all such devices should be turned off or set to silent mode operational status at all times when students are in attendance at University functions.

Students who fail to observe these stipulations for authorized use and possession of mobile communication devices may be subject to disciplinary action by the Dean of Students. Persons who use mobile communication devices as a part of employment responsibilities must abide by the silent mode operational status when in the settings outlined above.